Our build-it-yourself or "A la Carte" program as we call it, means you can build a personalised
 model, A to Z equipped with parts according to your tastes, needs, budget and more. Thanks to our online configurator that brings together some of the best components on the market, it’s time to build the bike of your dreams!

The principle of the A La Carte program is simple… Go to the COMMENCAL webstore. Choose a frame model. Then, in just a few clicks, you can shape the personality and eye-pleasing beauty of your build. From the forks to the wheels and the drivetrain to the cockpit, absolutely everything is customisable. Even the colour of the frame!

One of the major bonuses of this design concept is that you don’t have to order a complete mountain bike. If you already have your own pair of wheels then just remove them from the configuration. It works the same for all components. In addition, you can benefit from all these parts at an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) price. This means that they are offered at the industry rate, cheaper than standard market prices.

Assembled with particular care, you have a real option for a 100% tailor-made bike that’s just waiting to slay your favourite trails!




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