Current events definitely make us think." />


Current events definitely make us think.
We are all gradually making a list of things that we’re looking forward to as never before, once we return to normal life.

Using your bike for daily trips, whatever the weather, must be part of the plan!
We all know that it's feasible, that there’s enough time to be ready.

But we always put off until tomorrow!
Why not take advantage of this down-time to get organised?

“More and more people are ‘switching'.
And this is good news! Traffic jams, exhaust fumes, what could be more awful?
And there’s nothing like starting the day with a good little ride, whether in town, off-road, around a lake or along a tow path, for example.

Just because you use your bike to go to work doesn't mean you can’t do it in style.
No more electric scooter, briefcase (we love our accounting department 😅) and badly cut suits...

We offer three bike options to get you to work looking good!
No panniers, racks or accessories that break the lines of our bikes.
A backpack does the job.
Let's stay classy."


The road, in our own way.

If speed and efficiency are priorities for you, we recommend the FCB.
Straight and narrow handlebars (we're not backpackers), 1x12 speed, simple chunky tyres with good grip and comfort.

It's the perfect mix!



The electric option.

For those who ride a little more road or who may have an uphill journey, we have the MAX MAX POWER.
An e-bike specifically developed for a perfect mix between urban and off-road.
What a pleasure to turn up at the office without being too sweaty and more to the point, having had a good breath of fresh air!



The all-purpose bike.

For the purest ‘riders’ amongst us, the META HT AM is the ultimate bike!
A real hardy little platform with 150mm of travel.
Available in 27'' or 29'', it basically means that you have a bike which will take you to work but which will also be waiting for you to go ride it properly when you’re done, through the dirt jump park, trail centre or wherever else you want really!





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