Chasing Volcanoes with Kilian BRON

Was it real?

The wind whistles continuously in my ears.
The scent of sulfur attacks my nostrils.
Vertigo twists my guts.
I think it was real.
The rashes still heat my skin.
The waves rock me.
These landscapes, my eyes remember them.
Yes, it had to be real.

Let Kilian and his crew guide you in search of volcanoes!

Rider: Kilian BRON
Directed by: Léon PERRIN
Film: Léon PERRIN & Gaetan CLARY
Edit: Léon PERRIN
Still Photography: Jb LIAUTARD
Music & Sound Edit: Léo LUNEL
Drone FPV: Pierre DUPONT
Skippers: Lucas FRIGOUT & Adrien DESU

Special thanks: OHLINS & KS

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