A few days ago we launched a challenge to all the kids in our community." />

Kid Of The Year : Race Day!

A few days ago we launched a challenge to all the kids in our community:
👉 Make an original video with your bike at home!

We've received over 200!
Each one cuter than the previous ❀

It wasn't easy to make a choice but we have selected our top 5!

It's time to decide which the public think is the best.
Leave a comment on our Instagram post with the number of the video you like most.
After 24 hours, we'll have a winner of the title Kid Of The Year 🏆

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They played a game Now you comment telling us your fave video Out of more than 200 videos here is our TOP5 The winner gets a Ramones of their choice @noe_littlerider @galan152bmx @levi_n_co_ #commencalkids #kidoftheyear

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The winner can choose the RAMONES of their choice.
👉 Click on the image to see the models.

The challenge is over but if you want to send us your best videos, you can by email to video@commencal.com using WeTransfer.com

Thank you to all these kids (and parents) for playing the game with us!