Behind The Scenes - A COMMENCAL Segment Documentary Ft. Jeremy Berthier (English Subtitles)

What defines the greatness of a sport? Who decides that such a discipline is the perfect interpretation of a sport?
These are two questions that Jeremy Berthier never worried about...

To become a trail rider, you must love all things trail building, like spending many hours working the land. Many more than riding it. It is total dedication for the recognition of peers, but who cares? Recognition is nothing compared to the memories made in the dirt arena!

So when we asked Jérémy what his dream trail would be he spontaneously chose Peynier. Peynier was obvious because of the difficulty but above all because of its rich history. This historic site that has been built over a long period of time, and that survives everything, is a work of art by a group of true enthusiasts.

Jérémy wanted to pay tribute to Peynier and his crew. Done!

Rider: Jeremy Berthier
Directed by: Leon Perrin
Film: Leon Perrin & Pierre Dupont
Edit: Leon Perrin
Music: Monolord - Rust Rust
Sound Design: Leo Lunel
Colors : Alex Naureils
Infographist : Roxanne Loewert
Photography: JB Liautard; Gaetan Clary