DH World Cup #4 : Andorra

What a final we all experienced together in Pal Arinsal Bike Park!

It was a difficult race weekend for everyone involved, from biblical downpours during track walk to dusty sunny practice days on Thursday and windy conditions on Friday…
Then for finals in Andorra the rain wind and cold turned up in force to make it quite the day.
After a morning of early practice and doubts about whether or not the race could happen, the call was made and we were off! Minus the semi-finals and the big road gap which was too dangerously exposed to the wind. Throughout the day, track conditions completely changed from top to bottom, with the lower woods becoming particularly difficult to manage in the wet.

And that’s where everything was decided in the Elite Men's and the Elite Women’s competitions.

It was a great day for Thibaut DAPRELA and an incredible race!
The COMMENCAL MUC-OFF team member held victory in his hands once again with an impressive run.
The rain proved to be an important factor as the 10 fastest from the previous day's qualifying got the worst of the wet track. Despite everything, Thibaut achieved an almost perfect run and came down in front of big names such as Greg Minaar and Finn Iles.
After his last winning run in Les Gets in 2021, Thibaut finally brought victory home in the Elite Men's race 10 years after Rémi Thirion!

On the 4th step of the podium was Antoine VIDAL (COMMENCAL LES ORRES) who achieved his best ever World Cup result while showing off his European Championship jersey for the first time. He had a superb race as he continues to impress with his power and physique!

There was less success in the Elite Women’s race after Camille BALANCHE had to spend her weekend in hospital after a heavy crash in qualifying. We wish her a speedy recovery and can’t wait to have her back with us as soon as possible.

Other results from the women’s race include Lisa BAUMANN in 10th (COMMENCAL LES ORRES) and Monika HRASTNIKH in 11th (COMMENCAL DORVAL AM).

Our other team rider results include Austin DOOLEY from COMMENCAL SCHWALBE (18th), Baptiste PIERRON from COMMENCAL DORVAL AM (20th), Matteo INIGUEZfrom COMMENCAL IC STUDIO (21st) and Benoit COULANGES also from DORVAL AM (58th) who unfortunately crashed in those muddy conditions.

Respect also to the COMMENCAL RACE SUPPORT riders, Dylan MAPLES (17th), Connor FINNIS (24th) and Joshua ARCUS (48th) who all achieved their best performances of the season so far.

In the Junior Women’s race it was Erice VAN LEUVEN (COMMENCAL LES ORRES) who continued her momentum to obliterate the competition. After claiming the Junior World Championship title, Erice won in Andorra too, accompanied on the podium by Lisa BOULADOU (3rd). 

Amongst the Junior Men the results were more mixed. Hugo MARINI (6th) from COMMENCAL MUC-OFF and Léo ABELLA(9th) from COMMENCAL LES ORRES made the top 10.

Congratulations to everyone involved and see you this weekend for the 5th round of the DH World Cup in Loudenvielle, France!

Riders : Thibaut DAPRELA, Antoine VIDAL, Erice VAN LEUVEN, Lisa BAUMMAN
Photos : Nicolas BRIZIN, Keno DERYLIN, Sven MARTIN