It's An Offer That's Not for Free

That was the slogan written on our donation jar at the Roc d’Azur in 2018.

It’s a fact that we like to share and it's a pleasure to offer a choice of drinks and nibbles to our friends and supporters.

During these times of companionship where we feel lucky to be sharing good times, we thought about those who are less fortunate and came up with the idea of having this jar to help an association or a charity. For every beer, coffee and snack, visitors could contribute whatever they wished, without obligation.

The proceeds from the Roc were given in full to an association to help children in Indonesia who were hard hit by recent earthquakes and tsunamis in the country.

Almost 2,000€ have been collected and we wanted to thank you for your generosity with these few words. 

For more information on where the money went, head to the website 




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