Amaury Pierron Update

Just over a week ago now, Amaury Pierron had a big off in Les Ménuires during the French National DH Championships. As a result, COMMENCAL Muc-Off team rider Amaury Pierron's season is already over. We talked to him as he took stock of his situation.

COMMENCAL: How are you?

Amaury Pierron: It's tricky... Yesterday I left the house for the first time for a short five minute walk, but it still very painful. Apart from that I haven’t gone further than the bed or the sofa. My days are confined to sleeping and playing Call Of Duty, haha! Back to the classics!

C: What happened?

Actually I don't really know. It was at the top of the track after 20 seconds of racing. My memory of the jump itself is like a black hole, no memory at all. I think I had a lot more speed than in practice and I took the wrong call. I only have one image in my head where I'm in the air but without the bike (laughs). Then I hit the ground and here is the result.

C: What was the diagnosis?

AP: I rearranged myself well! Fractured collarbone, dislocated finger and fracture of the transverse process L2 and L3 vertebrae. So I'm staying in bed for at least 6 weeks then i'll see the physiotherapist to start rehabilitation.

C: So your season is over?

AP: My season is over, yes. It really was a s*** season! Now I'm taking a big break and waiting for 2021, hoping it will be a full season, nothing to stop me. I'll take time to come back, I don't want to rush it. The rehab period is not set in stone yet but i’ll do whats necessary. For now I have to wait a little longer because I’m having quite a few checks on my collarbone which is still moving. If it moves too much in the next few days I may have to have surgery. We have time to see, now I'm just thinking about 2021.

C: Mentally it's not too hard?

I wish I could at least go for a walk without taking a break every 50 metres, but the pain is still too much. I have to sit tight and anyway I can only put it into perspective, we were lucky in France to be able to compete officially at all when the majority of other countries could not. In the end, with everything going on and the constraints that go with it, there was less at stake this year and I myself found the atmosphere strange at the races. I tell myself that it was better for it to happen now than in a full year.

C: Before your fall what did you think of the SUPREME DH 29/27?

It’s a bike I really have fun with, it’s the perfect machine to get the benefits of the 29 and 27.5 in one! Honestly, there's really a lot of speed and fun to be had!