Le META POWER SX BOSCH est non seulement capable de vous offrir des sessions épiques grâce à son débattement généreux et son montage mullet, mais c’est également un outil génial pour tous les amoureux de la montagne. Tyler Ravelle, photographe basé à Whistler, ne dira pas le contraire. Il vous emmène à ses côtés pour une séance photo avec notre rider et freeskier WeiTien Ho.

Le META POWER SX BOSCH me permet d'aller un peu plus loin qu’auparavant. En tant que photographe, je transporte énormément de matériel. Le e-bike est simplement une extension de ce matériel. Il me permet d’atteindre des zones auxquelles je ne pourrais pas accéder autrement. Au lieu de sortir et d'essayer d'obtenir beaucoup d'images, nous sommes concentrés sur les moments clés." - Tyler Ravelle

Weitien ho, Tyler Ravelle
Film & Edit: Cole Nelson
Photos: Tyler Ravelle

What sparked your interest about COMMENCAL and their line of e-bikes?

I've been riding the non-powered META SX for the last three summers and have really come to trust the build quality. With the new Bosch motors in the e-bikes, I was instantly curious. As an action sports photographer who loves bringing flashes and far too many lenses into the mountains, having a tool like an e-bike allows me to become more creative without slowing anyone down.

As a photographer, what do you like most about using the META POWER SX BOSCH for assignments?

What I like the most is that even with a camera bag on, it's still super fun to ride. What would typically be a sufferfest ride is now easy and efficient. I'm no longer a burden on the crew, and we can now venture further than we could before.

Has the e-bike changed the way you approach work from before?

This was my first summer with this e-bike, and it allowed me to open up a broader spectrum of creative ideas. New locations, new techniques, and with fewer limitations. Carrying additional items such as tents, sleeping bags, more food, and tools without worrying about time restrictions was effortless. This freedom allowed us to really dive into the perfect light without stress.

Are you riding more in your personal time?

I'm 100% riding more and I couldn't be more stoked about it. I’m based in Whistler, and on days when I have a ton of editing and emails to do, I wouldn't normally have the time to sneak out for a big pedal. But now, with the e-bike, I know I can smash so much out in an hour and then get back to work. It's been a game-changer! I've actually been more productive when I'm in the studio because of it.

Can we look foward to more projects like this from you?

You can definitely expect more of these in the pipeline. Anytime we can include a storytelling element into these action shoots, the images have so much more life. This was one of my best projects of the summer, and we're already scheming what we can do next. I'm so thankful for another epic tool in the kit, thanks to my friends at COMMENCAL. With their stacked team of athletes, we have so much talent to work with. I can't wait to see what we'll get up to next year.