Andreu Lacondeguy Bike Check

Since its creation, the FURIOUS has been a bike intended purely for bike park and freeride purposes.
Our key riders in this department like Kyle Strait, DJ Brandt, Rémy Morton and PEF (Pierre-Edouard Ferry), have participated in the development of this bike ever since.
In January 2020, Andreu Lacondeguy joined us. A few days later we gave him his first FURIOUS, built with his own components.

"We had not planned to transform this bike into a mullet, but it turns out that once Andreu received his first FURIOUS, he immediately built it with 26'' wheels which is the size he’s always ridden. Obviously, the geometry was initially not at all appropriate. With the development programs that we have in DH, to imagine winning Rampage with such small wheels seemed crazy to us... In the end, we got down to business right away and the momentum picked up quickly with Andreu. He is a hard worker, open to change and above all, a real competitor. After discussing his needs with him, the idea was to design a stable and fast bike, but also a more playful and responsive bike on flatter sections and where jumps are linked in quick succession. We started with our experience working on the SUPREME DH 29/27 by installing a smaller rear wheel on his FURIOUS. Today the results are very satisfactory.

Riding a mullet of course means more than just changing the rear wheel for a smaller one. There is a whole process behind it. First with the geometry, a rear triangle and a specific front axle configuration. Then the suspension, by balancing the changes in stiffness and the hydraulic curves. For the work on the suspension, the main things taken into consideration are the size of the jumps and the need to maintain speed. We therefore use pistons created specifically for his bike and a MegNeg (RS improvement kit) for the shock; a modified Push Industries cartridge and an air spring system which we completely revised.

The use of a jockey wheel on Andreu's FURIOUS is a system under development and is a system in line with the work carried out on our SUPREME DH, to better manage the chain effect. It’s not currently the plan to replicate this system on the production FURIOUS. We are talking about a bike thought out and designed for the highest level and therefore with very specific needs, often not in favour of amateur riders. Nothing is clear yet, but a Lacondeguy special edition inspired by all this work, with a smaller rear wheel, single speed build and revised geometry could make sense! Much like what we did with our most recent lines of the SUPREME DH."

Arthur Quet, Race Department Engineer.


Fork: RockShox BoXXer Utimate 200mm (specific preparation)
Shock: RockShox Super Deluxe Ultimate DH 200mm (specific preparation)
Transmission - Hope Tech cranks, Single Speed ​​SB1 G3
Brakes: Hope Tech3 V4
Wheels: Hope Tech Fortus DH
Tyres: Continental Der Kaiser Projekt 2.4 - 27.5 front/26 rear
Cockpit: Reverse Nico Vink Signature
Grips: Reverse Nico Vink Signature Series
Saddle: Reverse Nico Vink Signature

photos : Nico Brizin