At the end of 2019, Bike Magazine had a go of our META AM 29 Team. 
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Bike Magazine META AM 29 Test -

At the end of 2019, Bike Magazine had a go of our META AM 29 Team.

Tested on the flowy yet steep and tech trails of Deer Valley in Utah, was the bike of choice used in Enduro World Series by the COMMENCAL VALLNORD Enduro Team, the META AM 29.

Here’s what they had to say:

“It did like what we threw at it.” 

“It’s going to be something you’re going to get up to the top with and mob down and there’s something really comfortable and stable about having some weight there to sort of keep it on its line."

“I wasn’t bothered by the weight on the climb. With the seat tube angle, it’s a nice deep position, you're sitting just above the bottom bracket and that gives us the biker, the feeling that you could just sit there and spin all day.”

“Nice traction over rocks and roots when you’re clamouring up stuff.”

According to the journalists, the aluminium quality is precisely what makes the strength of a bike like the META AM 29.

“It just feels so planted, so solid and i want that feeling.” 

“I was surprised by that 34 number (llbs) really, i was thinking more between 31, 32 (…) that means it did a really nice job of hiding that on the climb.”

“It rides light and it carries itself well enough that you'll be keeping up with all your friends on their carbon super bikes!"

It’s also a model they consider well equipped for its price!

“It was a thoughtful spec, i like it when a company who has racing roots as they do, puts an emphasis on suspension over the other things. Which they did on this build, like put the money on the bouncy bits, good i love that and the rest of the stuff just works great!"

"COMMENCAL are known for their value."

Discover the META AM 29 range

Bike Magazine also took the opportunity to acclaim two other models from the META AM 29 range.

“If you’re concerned a little about the price, the ESSENTIAL version is the one to get! It’s 3,300 bucks, Fox front and rear, rad paintwork and Skinwall tyres! COMMENCAL also offers a full SRAM AXS build for less than 5,000€ in the META AM 29 XX EDITION. It's just fantastic to have components of this quality at this price point. “




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