CLASH/FURIOUS - Kinematic Adjustment - How Does It Work?

For the 2021 range we’ve once again drawn on all of the experience we’ve gained over recent years to thoroughly review the geometry and kinematics of our new CLASH and FURIOUS. Beyond this development these bikes now have a feature that makes them even more efficient on all terrain. There are two anchor positions for the rocker, which means it's possible to easily modify the kinematics of the bike as well as its behaviour with the ground.

Nicolas Menard, COMMENCAL Engineer, explains this new system and the usefulness of it.

COMMENCAL: What are the two positions we're talking about?

Nicolas Menard: This adjustment of the kinematics found on the CLASH and FURIOUS allow the rider to choose between two positions: Sensitive or Dynamic. As its name suggests, the Sensitive position favours sensitivity and grip, whilst the Dynamic setting is best when looking for liveliness and dynamism. To put it simply, the change in position changes the behaviour of the suspension.

What do they bring to the field?

The Sensitive position is good for filtering small shocks, so it's preferred for DH/Freeride use where the terrain is steep and difficult, and when the rider needs grip. The Dynamic position should be favoured on smoother tracks in the bike park for example, or during jump sessions when we look for a livelier, more responsive bike. On the CLASH as well as the FURIOUS, this position offers better ground-touch, the contact between the tyre and the terrain needs to be as ’true’ as possible.

Does changing the position change the geometry of the bike?

The static geometry is not influenced, no. But once on the ground, when rolling, the Dynamic position keeps the rear of the bike a little higher which has the effect of slightly closing the angles more.

What has to be done to modify the two positions?

To do it properly we recommend removing the rocker/frame axle and the shock/frame axle. The insert is designed to be ‘moderately' tightened, meaning it can be removed by hand or with a mallet. Then just turn the part over and insert it again. This is the same for the CLASH and the FURIOUS.

Do these positions bring similar character or benefits to both bikes?

In theory yes, but the difference between the two positions is more significant for the CLASH. It's a more versatile bike than the FURIOUS, since it's a bike for pedalling too. So, we use the Sensitive position for a typical bike park/DH day, where we don't worry about the pedalling bit. On the other hand, the Dynamic position is great on very rhythmic playful trails, where you have to pump a lot more and where there are often more jumps. Finally, this adjustment of the kinematic means the CLASH is more of a two-in-one bike, it's as comfortable on DH/Freeride runs as it is on maintained trails that have more jumps and compressions.

For the FURIOUS, it’s more of an optimisation setting, depending on what you are looking for from the bike. The difference is a little more fine-tuned.

Is there a preferred position depending on whether you are riding with an air or spring shock?

We recommend that the Dynamic position is used with a spring shock and the Sensitive position with an air shock. Nevertheless, the two positions remain compatible with the two types of shock. Above all, they allow you to adapt the behaviour of the bike to your preferences or to the tracks or trails you want to enjoy.




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