COMMENCAL CLASH Skis at the Freeride World Tour

The Freeride World Tour season is well and truly go! Excellent news. Remember, it's been almost a year since one of these competitions had taken place… An eternity!

Nico Bordes, a pure Andorran and occasional Qualifier rider, came to participate in his own way in the FWT with his COMMENCAL CLASH skis on the Port Del Rat side of Arcalis.

He says,

“I was the forerunner for the FWT in Arcalis and it was crazy! It was a great experience, having the privilege to test the blank face before everyone else and also being here, in my home resort. The confidence that the organisation and competitors give to the forerunners is incredible, because our feedback can change everything... The atmosphere at 6am, and climbing a steep couloir at the front, it was a first for me! It was awesome, the feeling of being on a mission, of being an important cog in a dream event.

The sunrise was awe inspiring and a very beautiful day followed. I know these mountains perfectly. It's my home and I know when the weather will hold and that the 20cm of fresh snow that fell two days earlier will hold until midday. It had the air of a good day!

For the descent, the deal was simple. It was out of the question to fool around or break yourself for nothing, no destroying the landings or making unnecessary tracks. Finally, a run without pressure as no contest for me, just a good ride!✌️

After my run I headed up the face a second time to go and position myself as Skidude - the guys on the face who collect the gear in the event a rider falls. It was an incredible experience, surely one of the best jobs of this pretty strange winter. Good luck to everyone in Austria and for the final in Verbier! Really very cool.”