COMMENCAL SPOT - COFFEE - Our Fair Trade Coffee

In our Bike Café, the COMMENCAL SPOT, we like to serve fresh, artisanal products.
We therefore offer you the best coffee that Nepal can produce!

By working with thirty groups of local artisans, COFFEE is a coffee that will be to your tastes.
100% Certified Pure Arabica Origin, it’s grown in the mountains of Eastern Nepal, at over 1000m above sea level.
Produced in an eco-responsible way, in the name of quality!

In addition to being a super tasty choice, the sale of this coffee can support up to a hundred Nepalese families. So, it’s not an insignificant point that we chose to serve it at COMMENCAL SPOT.
Being able to buy directly from the locals without going through an intermediary was also a decisive factor in choosing this coffee.

Whatever time of the day, come and enjoy our COFFEE!

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