COMMENCAL X GALFER : Discs and Brake Pads !

Being specialists in the gravity department means that braking has always been at the heart of our priorities. That's why we're teaming up with Galfer, leaders in competition braking and partner of our No.1 factory World Cup team.
We have selected products that we believe meet all the needs of the riders who throw their leg over a COMMENCAL.

Additionally, in the interest of eco-responsibility, we have developed packaging that is 100% plastic-free for these 3 models of pads and discs that are stamped with the COMMENCAL branding.

Available brake pad models: RACE/TEAM/PRO

Brake discs available in three sizes: 180mm/203mm/223mm



These RACE brake pads have been developed specifically to meet the most extreme needs. Designed with a long lifespan, they are powerful, progressive and flexible in order to effectively deal with high speeds and temperatures.

Used by our DH racers for their performance, they are also recommended for ebike use where the pads are subjected to more stress.


These TEAM brake pads bring the most powerful braking thanks to the high quality of the friction material and their excellent heat dissipation. Designed to withstand the biggest stresses, they guarantee a clean feel and constant braking even at very high temperatures.

An obvious choice for downhillers who want the sharpest brakes during a race, but these pads will also be appreciated for enduro races too.

PRO Pads

The PRO brake pads guarantee efficiency, braking consistency and above all optimum longevity in all conditions. They are recommended for use in turbulent conditions with wet, muddy and/or sandy terrain.

Suitable for recreational trail and enduro riding.