Cannonball Festival 2019 - What’s On

Born seven years ago, Cannonball is the largest mountain bike event in Australia.
Like in Europe where the Roc d'Azur is typically the end to the season, Cannonball marks the start of summer for southern hemisphere countries!

This year the event runs from 4th to 8th December in south-east Thredbo.
Throughout the week, amateur and professional riders compete in several disciplines: Pump track, Enduro, DH, Whip Off…

Our riders Antoine Vidal, Hugo Frixtalon and Brendan Howey are on hand to participate in various races and step-up their winter training.
Our COMMENCAL Australia team are also there to showcase our 2020 range!

Find the complete program below:
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first time to thredbo really cool☃️

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Sideway move into the australian trails | 📷 @mattstaggsvisuals

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Dirt snack for @rfphotographics 😛 @thredbomtb #sorrynotsorry

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