Cécile Ravanel - New Beginning

Cécile and Cédric Ravanel's lives have always revolved around riding bikes.
They have done it all. And won a lot!
In 2019, after three years at the top of the Enduro World Series, Cécile crashed whilst training and suffered serious injury.
It was an injury which slowly forced her to retire from racing in February 2021, and to allow her to concentrate on a new goal; training young riders!
This quote alone sums up Cécile's motivation and her state of mind.
She said, "It's definitely motivating, to look forward to seeing how far they can go, how far we can accompany them. It's almost more stressful than when you're on the bike!"

A new beginning which is ultimately nothing more than the continuation of her entire magnificent career!

Rider : Cecile Ravanel
Film & Edit : Gaetan Clary
Photos : Mathieu Ruffray / Nico Brizin / Sven Martin

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