DH World Championships - Mont-Sainte-Anne - Training

The weather has been foggy and damp so far in Mont Saint-Anne.
On Thursday, COMMENCAL riders unveiled their colourful bikes together with their custom kits when they made their first laps on the Canadian track.
After a rainy night, riders found a wet and slippery track for these first runs of the week.
Difficult to predict, the majority of riders were able to search for the best lines with good speed. There is no question of where to find time, and also where not to lose it!

With the race taking place on Sunday riders have an extra day of training compared to a World Cup round.
And there’s no qualifying! The first timed practices take place later today, so we'll be able to see which riders are looking the most comfortable.

Pictures: Keno Derleyn / Dave Trumpore




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