EMBN - The META POWER SX is a Beast Uphill and a Monster Downhill

Electric Mountain Bike Network is a YouTube channel specialising in ebikes with over 90,000 subscribers.
They came to Andorra to test the META POWER SX and META POWER 29, our latest EMTB offerings with integrated batteries.

In this video, tester extraordinaire Steve Jones (a former British pro DHer) wonders if an ebike can be a credible alternative to a chairlift/gondola in the off-season.

After having climbed and (then descended) the 650m of steep and technical trail that separates the COMMENCAL SPOT our Bike - Café - Restaurant, from the start of the track of the DH World Cup, here are his first impressions:

“The META POWER SX is a bit of an animal itself. With 180mm of travel at the front and 170mm at the rear, it’s a beast on the climbs and a monster on the descents!”

"On the handlebars of the META POWER 29, we have a more versatile model but just as efficient with its shorter travel and 29-inch wheels."

His verdict?

"In all mountain resorts the lift system only runs for a few months. The META POWER SX and 29 are the perfect tools to work around this problem.”

Find the complete Electric Mountain Bike Network test below:




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