Greg Williamson joins Thomas Estaque and Hugo Frixtalon at COMMENCAL / 100%

The COMMENCAL / 100% is ready to kick off the new year with a fresh face!
We're excited to announce that Greg Williamson has been added to the 2020 roster!
Williamson had a fantastic 2019 season with consistent Top 20 results and was finally able to crack the Top 10 in the final round at Snowshoe with a 7th place.

He will be a great addition of experience to the team, joining Hugo Frixtalon and Thomas Estaque.
We wish him all the best for this coming season and are excited for what this team can achieve this year.

"I’m very excited to join the Commencal / 100% team in 2020! The team is stacked with a great bunch of people who know how to race fast and also have a good time in the process. I’m currently out in New Zealand putting lots of time in on the new bike, which has been amazing so far."


"I feel my team is growing each year and I’m excited to evolve with this crew around me. I consider the arrival of Greg as an opportunity due to his bigger experience. My off-season is going pretty well, I’m in a good pace between my goals and my physical preparation. Can’t wait to hit the race tracks, ready to shred, to fight and to send it!"
"So keen to start another year with the COMMENCAL / 100% team! Some new goals, new project, new team mate. I'm working to be more consistent on my physical skills this winter and I hope this will pay off step by step."



"I feel this trio can shine on any Sunday with consistency and an amazing style. Greg and Thomas are used to World Cups Top 10 for the last 4 years while Hugo’s progression never stops to grow. We’re also pleased to add Fizik (saddles) and RaceFace (cockpits) as new sponsors."

Special thanks to David Trumpmore, Ross Bell, JB & Kifcat for the images.



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