How to choose your skis?

Whilst there are people on this planet who can buy the same pair of shoes their entire lives, change is generally good. It's a bit the same for skis.
To choose the right pair of skis you should know what type of skiing you’ll be doing, and having an idea of your level is also important, but above all it is essential to want to learn and discover!

Like this, everything becomes simpler... But then you need to choose the right size.

You've set your sights on the pair of your dreams, the ones that will make you fast or stylish like Alberto Tomba, Candide Thovex, Guerlain Chicherit or Henrik Harlaut… So, which size to choose?
Don't panic, we're here to help.

1 - Measure Up

Yes, it starts here; knowing your height and weight. Even if the scales scare you, you must overcome your fears and soak up the (potential) bad news...

Why weigh yourself?
It’s pretty straightforward. A pair of skis is designed for a type of skiing practice, the different sizes allowing everyone to find what they're looking for. A ski works with the way it moves. The deformation is obtained thanks to the strength of your legs but also and in some cases, especially, thanks to your weight.

So, if you are 1.75m but weigh 95kg
and you hesitate between 2 sizes,
we would recommend the larger size.

Or for example,
if you measure 1.75m and weigh 65kg,
you should probable take the size smaller.


2 - Know Your Practice and Level

Another important moment when it is essential not to lie to yourself.
We reassure you, we all believe we are killer skiers... Once you’re being honest with yourself you're ready to incorporate these few basic rules:

- For Alpine skiing (on-piste)
we generally advise a ski that is a similar height to you.

- For Touring
we recommend skis with a length between your height and -5cm.

- For Freestyle
we recommend skis between your height -10cm.

- For Freeride skiing
we would recommend skis between your height +10cm.


Again, these ground rules are there for you to perhaps bend a little. Knowing your level well will allow you to make the right choices. An excellent skier will know what it takes to use a pair of skis and understand the advantages of a short ski over a long ski and vice-versa.

Just like weight is an adjustment variable in your choice of size, your level is also a definite factor to take into account, to a certain extent. Effectively, it is easier to turn a short ski but a long ski will give you more confidence at increased speeds, and above all will mean you will float better in deeper snow.

3. Desire for Discovery

This is surely the most important point! On skis it's exhilarating because you will develop different visions of the sport of skiing.

For sure, going between a T.E.M.P.O. and a SUPREME FR could be confusing, but playing with the sizes means you can be more subtle with your ski. It is far from stupid to have the same ski in 2 different sizes for 2 different types of skiing. Our athletes do it very often. The same goes for Max Commencal, a big fan of the CLASH 176, but who regularly juggles between sizes and models.

By following these few tips you won't be able to make the wrong choices.

The last rule to remember is, never forget to treat yourself!

Photos : Nico Brizin