Andreu Lacondeguy : « it's gonna be a crazy year for sure »

Andreu Lacondeguy was interviewed by Pinkbike, addressing the reasons for his move as well as his vision for the future.
In this interview, he also talks about his new bike, joining his brother Luis at COMMENCALRampage and his future.

"I’m really stoked about that (riding with his brother Lluis), we pretty much ride together all the time so it's gonna be awesome to do it on the same bike! We’ve both known the brand for so long, he has been on COMMENCAL for 5 years now and I hope that having me jumping into the program will help to bring more content out and work on some sick projects together with him."

"I got a new program, planning to do a lot, i’ve been getting ready for a few film trips and setting up the bike. I´m really exited about how the new bike feels and it's gonna be a crazy year for sure haha."

"This year is gonna be different (…) I will film a lot and we'll work on a new freeride bike together with COMMENCAL, something made to jump straight on and shreeeed for fun so I´m pretty stoked on that. It's pretty sick to ride for a brand that not only supports freeride but that also wants to make the best bike for it."

"I really want to Freeride. I want to travel and find new zones, I think that i got the experience to find some sick locations to film some sick edits and there is so much out there, the world is huge."

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