Love The Process - Max Langille

Love The Process, a tale of trusting yourself and what you’ll become. This film by Dylan Siggers gives a cinematic mix that’s meant to draw you into Max Langille’s process of completing a video part and dialing in tricks for competition. Shift down, and enjoy a little peek into his process.

“These tricks don’t just learn themselves. It’s incredible to see how Max and his squad of homies work through progressing new tricks that are both really hard, and super dangerous. A lot of the biggest moves in slopestyle require the riders to really trust in themselves that they have the skills to execute what they envision. Especially when Max was teeing up a gnarly flip whip on a techy dirt to dirt lip down, it was crazy to watch him get focussed and really just trust the process that got him there. Andlace the sh*t out of it.”
-Dylan Siggers

“This would be the 4th or 5th video Dylan and I have created together. We know each other’s work ethic and style, so we’re able to get the best results possible. Dylan and I had a concept that we wanted to pursue, and I’m stoked about the final product! I really liked working on this project as we had complete creative control with no external pressures, which I’m extremely grateful for. It’s always more fun to work with a tight knit crew and that’s why it turned out the way it did. Hope you all enjoy!”
- Max Langille

Rider: Max Langille
Directed by: Dylan Siggers
Film: Dylan Siggers
Shots by: Anatole Tuzlak & David Tronnes
Music & Sound Edit: Kevin Frank
Photography: Anatole Tuzlak