Strait for his FRS Rampage runs.

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We all know Kyle Strait for his FRS Rampage runs. But day-to-day he’s just a normal guy who likes to change things up... And what better way to do that than by choosing the META HT AM!

"For me it’s not always a full on race every time I ride. I don’t need to go Mach 10 on all trail rides. I found that I can have more fun on my local trails and fine tune my skills on the META HT. Picking the right line keeps me focused all while being able to keep up on the climbs with my fitter friends. The META HT has a slacker head angle which makes it feel very similar to my other bikes. I’m thinking about making a hardtail gang, who wants in?”

- Kyle Strait 

Rider: Kyle Strait
Directed by: Luca Cometti
Film: Luca Cometti
Edit: Luca Cometti
Music: Children of the Grave - Black Sabbath
Photos: Luca Cometti