META POWER 2021 - New Engine, New Battery, New Frame

Power to Discover!

It’s the only bike that we haven’t yet unveiled from our 2021 range, but now the META POWER is here!
Once again, we’re confident in the reliability and technological strengths of SHIMANO.
Thanks to the new EP8 motor, the META POWER is equipped with more torque (85 N.m) and greater autonomy (630Wh battery).
That’s not the only thing that’s changed as the geometry of the frame has also been reworked.
All of this is to bring you a more efficient bike with better grip management and more responsiveness.

There continues to be two POWER models available - 29" and 27.5"    

You can now find all the information you need relating to our new META POWER via its own dedicated site.

Discover the website!