The German publication E-MountainBike has a test and comparison of 25 of the best e-bikes in 2020!" />

META POWER 29 TEAM Voted Best Value by E-Mountain Bike Magazine

The German publication E-MountainBike has a test and comparison of 25 of the best e-bikes in 2020!
An article that features the META POWER 29 TEAM!
Our first model with an integrated battery has been distinguished with a “Best Value" award!

To warrant this award, the META POWER 29 TEAM was tested and compared with other models in line with several criteria.
These criteria included the integration and looks of the 'e-aspect', the maximum authorised weight of the rider, the quality of the frame and build, geometry, kinematics and suspension operation, noise of the engine etc.
For the magazine to come to its conclusion, the perfect e-bike must be versatile and excellent across all disciplines.

According to the test criteria set by the journalists, here are the qualities that emerge from the META POWER 29 TEAM test:
- Of all models tested, it's the cheapest bike. The average price of 25 bikes was 8,121€
- This is a bike with which you can quickly pick up speed
- The battery is very well integrated
- It can easily handle the most difficult climbs
- Important ground clearance means the bike never scrapes through rocky sections
- Easy to manage and versatile. Accessible to all types of riders.
- Powerful and easily adjustable suspension
- Despite an affordable price, no compromise is made on the components

Below we find the main comments from this test with our German friends:

"At 5799€, the COMMENCAL META POWER 29 TEAM is half the price of several bikes in comparison. It represents one of the best options in terms of quality/price ratio."

"It perfectly fulfils all the functions you might need. It's very good in technical climbs, as during fast descents and the most difficult trails."

"Thanks to its sound performance, the COMMENCAL is an excellent choice for all types of riders. By offering a complete build at an attractive price, the COMMENCAL META POWER 29 TEAM easily wins the "2020 Best Value" award.




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