META POWER - Discreetly Powerful

It seemed inconceivable for us to have one without the other.

The META POWER range is now composed of two platforms: the 29 and the SX (in 27.5).
The name SX refers to the legendary COMMENCAL platform which has always been known for its downhill capabilities.

The POWER SX is the ‘fiery’ POWER of the range.
A bike made to make maximum laps on-board, smash berms, jump high and shred the steep parts of any track!

The POWER 29 is pure performance.
A beast on technical climbs with a disconcerting downhill ability.
It’s an ally to the person who climbs for their descents.
It will help the rider through difficult sections which makes it easier to find flow in places there shouldn’t be any!

Completely revised, the META POWER 29 now has a neater appearance thanks to an integrated battery. The frame has therefore evolved for 2020, as has the suspension, since we now have 160mm of travel. That’s 10mm more compared to the 2019 version, giving this e-MTB even more clearance, offering even more comfort at the same time.

These are not the only notable developments, this Team version is a model packed full of technology. Take a closer look.

The frame itself has been re-worked to give a better weight distribution in relation to the battery and will give both bike and rider better manoeuvrability and dynamism. The workings of the suspension system has also been improved.

Depending of course on what you’re looking for, the Shimano E8000 motor is arguably the best e-MTB motor on the market in relation to what it offers and together with RockShox suspension, SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain and Code brakes, this beauty will bring a new electricity to your mountain biking! 

The smooth appearance of this e-bike is only accentuated by the replica COMMENCAL VALLNORD Teams looks and other parts such as the e-MTB specific DT Swiss wheelset which finish everything off perfectly for you to POWER away on.

Super POWER! The SX is back, this time in the e-bike category, complete with an integrated battery. The SX has always had good looking fluid lines. A worthy representative in the world of MTB gravity, it returns to the line-up this year with 27.5-inch wheels plus 180mm of travel at the front and 170mm on the back.

This platform is completely redesigned to accommodate the ‘e-parts’ of this versatile mountain bike. A beast on climbs and a monster downhill! It’s made for laps on laps anywhere, spending time off the ground with its air-time stability and getting down the most hectic parts of a track. So, anything really!

First of all, we have to mention that gun metal grey colour which literally turns heads and perfectly matches up with the legendary BoXXer red on those 180mm Lyriks, not forgetting the Super Deluxe Coil on the back.

We really wanted to show the agility and playfulness but also the aggressiveness of this POWER SX in the design and make-up. The (SRAM GX) Eagle also lands on this beauty as do the Code brakes with 200mm rotors for extra e-stopping POWER.

An alternative to the META POWER 29 for the most committed riders looking to maximise the fun and heightened capabilities of an e-bike!


The behaviour of the META POWER is as good on the uphills as it is on the downhills. An excellent suspension system is nothing without excellent geometry.

More than a fashion or trend, lengthening the front of our bikes meets a need for stability and grip during turns.
The workings of the suspension system have also been improved. The chassis are such that the speeds achieved require this readjustment.

The seat tube angle is very straight.
The electrical assistance enables the ability to climb slopes that would be impossible to climb with a conventional bike.
Thanks to this new angle, steep and technical climbs are less tiring. Less effort is needed to keep the front wheel on the ground.

We save this energy to be able to pedal harder, for longer, or to send it a little more downhill.

On both models, the ergonomics related to the electric assistance factor have been significantly improved. 
The assembly and disassembly of the battery is easily done via a simple turn of the screw, meaning it’s very easy to change/swap in and out. 

It's also very easy to use.
The assistance can be turned on and off by a button located on the down tube and the charging port is easy to reach on the top tube. 
And you don’t even have to take the battery off the bike to charge it!

The cable routing has been revised to make everything even smoother and neater.