META TR 29 British Edition - TRAIL BIKE OF THE YEAR 2019

The definition of a good trail bike is often controversial and differs between brands. At home at COMMENCAL there's no compromise, we wanted a META TR 29 that allows YOU to feel at home.

This special British Edition is an ode to the style and spirit of British riders. So, the fact that MB UK has elected it TRAIL BIKE OF THE YEAR 2019 is certainly the most beautiful reward!

Their criteria?
"We were looking for a true all-rounder – one that does it all, and that we wanted to get out and ride time and time again. »

Their verdict!
"A trail bike should be happy to have a go at pretty much anything: capable when the going gets tough, not too much of a handful when the trail is more chilled. It doesn't need KOM-setting climbing capability, but it needs to get to the top without too much pain. Most importantly, it's got to be fun. The COMMENCAL META TR 29 Brit Edition does it all and that's why it's our 2019 Trail Bike of the Year."


Hugo FRIXTALON AKA Frix-Frix and the COMMENCAL 100% team riders totally approve!

See for yourself.





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