META TR 29 RIDE - A Trail Bike Capable of Enduro

Photos : Anthony Smith

This March, several journalists from PinkBike went to Sedona in Arizona, to test different groups, including four trail bikes for less than $3,000.
The stipulations for this test were that the bike had to have 140mm or less rear travel.
The META TR 29 RIDE met the criteria perfectly with 130mm on the rear and is priced at $2,599.

Tester Mike Levy’s first comments about it are full of praise : "There are a handful of frame details worth pointing out as well, especially given the Meta's price. This includes the nicely done internal routing that doesn't look like an afterthought, and pivot hardware that wouldn't be out of place on a much pricier carbon frame. (…) Commencal also gives riders two places to mount a bottle, an effective chainstay protector that's far nicer than some cheap rubber wrap job, and the cutest little fender on the back of the seat tube that's intended to keep rocks from jamming up the linkage. Small things, sure, but it's obvious that the Meta is a well-thought-out bike, regardless of its relatively low cost." 



Shock : RockShox Deluxe Select +, 130 mm 
Fork : RockShox Revelation RC, 150 mm 
Brakes : Sram Level T, 200/180 mm 
Transmission : Sram NX Eagle 
Wheels : E13 TRS Base 
Tires : Schwalbe Magig Mary 29x2.35 / Schwalbe Hans Dampf 29x2.35 


Tested on completely technically, obviously rocky and dry trails given the location, the META TR 29 RIDE surprised Mike Levy with its robust quality : "With sturdy Schwalbe rubber, a 150mm-travel fork, and a 33.5lb weight, the grey Meta definitely sits on the burly side of the trail bike spectrum, enough so that you might expect it to be a pain in the ass when faced with a long ascent. That's not the case, however, as the Commencal proved itself to be a worthy technical climber and efficient enough for anyone's needs".

Qualities which, according to the tester, combine perfectly with a well thought-out geometry, "Commencal has also done well with the geometry to keep the Meta from being a handful on steeper pitches that would trouble a slacker, longer all-mountain bike, especially the 76.5-degree effective seat tube that feels spot-on".

Even if it has excellent pedalling prowess, it’s downhill enjoyment where the META TR 29 RIDE really comes into its own, "The Meta isn't the longest or slackest out of our eight value test bikes, and it's not the heaviest, either, but it's the only one of the bunch that could pass as a burly all-mountain bike when faced with serious terrain".

"The fork tracks the ground impressively well, letting you know that you're not on the best-of-the-best only when faced with extended sections of rough trail (…) It's more of the same with the Meta's rear-suspension, too, although to be fair, all of the full-suspension value bikes offered surprisingly well-sorted action. The gray Commencal is versatile in that it's happy to run 25, 30, or even 35-percent sag without you hitting bottom-out more than you should, and its decent on-power pedaling manners seem indifferent to how you prefer your spring rate. That's notable for a 130mm-travel trail bike".

Just as fast in the corners, the META is very reassuring for its rider, as if it could speak, "I'm gonna slide, but everything's cool, dude''

The conclusion of journalist Mike Levy speaks volumes about the qualities of our META TR 29 RIDE, “if you want a trail bike to chase all of your enduro friends, and don't shy away from a sender or three, you'll prefer the Meta".


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