Myriam Nicole: "World Championships - My Goal! "

Four months after an accident where she suffered multiple fractures in her right foot,
Myriam Nicole is back at the World Cup to support her teammates and simply take in the Les Gets round in France.
A few hours after Amaury Pierron’s victory, she talked to us about everything.

COMMENCAL: How are you?

Myriam Nicole: I'm much better! I couldn't stand on my foot at all in the two months following my injury.
But for about a month now i’ve been in a rehabilitation clinic in Capbreton, on the west coast of France.
I am really happy. Little by little i’m finding my form and look, I can finally walk!

C: So you're totally self-sufficient now?

MN: I still have some pain and I still limp but the doctors are delighted with the progress of the repair.
Nobody thought that the situation regarding my foot would be as positive after all these fractures!
Normally, an injury like this would take more than a year of recovery but working in a sports rehabilitation centre and dedicating myself 100% to it has helped me a lot.
With 8 hours of work 6 days a week, I'll be back to the racing sooner...

C: Tell us more about this rehabilitation?

MN: It's really intense, but we can see the results and so that's all that matters!
I tend to want to do things too quickly. This time, even if it's really hard physically and mentally, I want to do things right and be in top form for my return.
We play a difficult sport. We can get on a bike and race. But to win and take the necessary risks, you have to be 100%.

C: Have you had the opportunity to ride a bike?

MN: We are currently in Les Gets and I have already done two enduro rides! I was looking forward to this so much and there is no better feeling.
When you just have to pedal, uphill or on the flat, life is good!
It's mainly downhill when the terrain is hard and bumpy that I still feel pain.
I cannot take my full weight on my right foot yet. I hope that will change soon.
Just now for example, I watched the last jump from the finish line and I thought, “Imagine if you had to take this leap with the state of your foot!” At the moment it is just not
Even if it's not DH, it's great to be able to ride enduro and i’m still very happy with that.

C: How long do you have to continue rehabilitation?

I'm going back to the rehabilitation centre next week. It will then be necessary to see with the doctors and the surgeon with regards to how long I still have to stay.
To stop limping in a few days would be a good sign. After that, I must not force things either.

C: How do you feel in yourself?

MN: It's complicated. It's long, boring and painful. Especially during the first two months when I could do absolutely nothing and felt so frustrated.
Today is painful because I have to work on finding more mobility.
This weekend in Les Gets has been really good for me though. Of course, there are ups and downs.
I was devastated for Vallnord because I I couldn’t be there at ‘home’.
This weekend with everyone allows me to put my mind to rest, see my friends and enjoy them doing a good job!
I mean, Amaury won!

C: When do you think you're going to compete again?

MN: There is really no specific answer. In the back of my mind it's to be able to return for World Championships on 1st September.
I will do my best for that anyway. If it's possible, that's great. If not so be it.
I will have no regrets because whatever happens I will have done the right thing for myself.

C: Will you have ridden enough by then?

MN: The plan is to go to Whistler at the end of August to do as many runs as possible, find the right feelings and confidence on the bike.
It’s MTB paradise there so why not? There are all types of tracks and sections on which to work like technical, jumps, fast and flowy... Everything is right there.
It's also a great place to train.

C: So for now, are you on the right path?!

MN: Hopefully yes!
Two more weeks of rehab before riding in Whistler and I hope to be OK for World Championships!
This is the action plan.
I’m not going to tell myself that it won't happen. That's what gives me the strength to continue!
I have a 50% chance to participate in these World Championships.
I hope with all my heart to make it happen.




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