CLASH is to feel like part of a team.

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New CLASH KIDS - I’m Faster than Dad !

To own a CLASH is to feel like part of a team.
Whether it’s the adult version or the Kids model, the CLASH is playful and lively, and made with care by us. With 3 years of good and loyal service, it was important timing to overhaul the CLASH Kids. Everything is new and beautiful - new kinematics perfectly suited to kids, top-of-the-range parts and all with exceptional handling.

Today, the CLASH Kids is now a benchmark for all young DH riders who want to start riding bike park or competing.

"I’m Faster than Dad" becomes the rallying cry!

The range is made up of four platforms with different wheel sizes: 
CLASH 20, CLASH 24, CLASH JR (26 inches) and CLASH XS (27/26).

We are continuously committed to improving our bikes.
In order to continue to strive for better, more upmarket bikes, we use our previous platforms to determine specific points of improvement.

Now based on an all-new chassis, the CLASH Kids uses a virtual pivot point (VPP) kinematic designed to provide liveliness, sensitivity and comfort to the lightest riders. The CLASH 20/24/JR and XS also have a specific series of tubes adapted to the weight of the riders. The idea is to improve various points:

- Largely lighter frames with reduced tube profiles.
- Rigidity and flexibility of the frame balanced better for children's weights.
- Reduced bearing sizes.
- A completely reworked look.

Our data acquisition with our many young riders has allowed us to refine our choices regarding kinematics year after year. The CLASH kids have a virtual pivot point (or VPP).

This aims to offer more sensitivity at the start of the travel for small riders and the perfect balance between liveliness and comfort through the full suspension stroke.

The CLASH 20 and 24 have a MANITOU Junit Pro fork with 120 and 145mm of travel respectively. Designed in partnership with our brand, this fork is particularly well suited to these bikes and for children thanks to:

- A specific hydraulic spring which effectively manages rebound and considerably reduces friction.
- A new pneumatic spring which means all the travel of the fork is used despite the low weight of the child.
- Specific seals reduce friction and increase performance and comfort.
- Aluminium knobs and a ‘Gloss Black’ finish that give it a high-end appearance.

Thanks to the frames having between 130 and 145mm of travel, the two smallest models of the range provide comfort and efficiency even through the most rugged sections.

As for the components of these two models, they feature a PROTAPER handlebar and grips that have been developed for little hands as well as a crankset and cranks suitable for shorter legs. We see the arrival of 180mm disc brakes for more performance and reliability, and the shock fixings are now mounted using bearings to provide more sensitivity.

The CLASH JR frame itself has also been extensively revised.
Smaller than the 2021 version with a largely shortened top tube, it also moves down a wheel size from 27.5 to 26-inch. With the arrival of the new XS range, this makes perfect sense.

The size differences between each bike are therefore much smaller and the CLASH JR is becoming a serious option for young adolescents who are still a way off moving up to the big wheels. Whilst these components are like those found on our adult models, including the introduction of new FOX Performance suspension, the frame and kinematics have been specifically designed for smaller sized people.

The CLASH XS clearly assumes its position in the range.
No concessions have been made. With the arrival of the 26-inched CLASH JR, this XS model promises to be the one for teenagers and smaller people looking for the perfect player. Our experience creating the adults and kids’ versions of the CLASH has meant we’ve realised the particular importance of the wheel size on bikes in this realm. For this reason, our CLASH XS is delivered with 27.5/26-inch wheels. This offers several advantages:

- Excellent clearance and confidence at the front thanks to the larger 27.5-inch wheel.
- Allows for a more playful rear-end with better grip thanks to the 26-inch wheel.