We've been working on our 29/27 ‘Mullet’ bikes for three years now with our different DH teams. We realized that it isn’t effective to just throw a 27-inch wheel on the back in order to transform a regular bike with the same sized wheels into a bike with different sized wheels.

In reality, the geometry of the bikes must be completely reworked, and it's thanks to this experience that we're now able to present a new version of the most successful META we’ve ever produced, the META SX and the META POWER SX!




Equipping both the META SX and META POWER SX
with different sized 29/27-inch wheels
is not the result of a trend that we’re following.

Quite simply, this way the bike is much more balanced,
specifically relating to grip on the front and back -
the large 29-inch wheel on the front
allows more confidence, clearance and rolling capacity
whilst the 27.5-inch rear wheel offers
more manoeuvrability and responsiveness.

The result is a bike that is more agile and easier in the steeps,
more efficient under braking and more dynamic when pushing hard.



Once again, our choice to work with Aluminium has allowed us to accompany this change in wheel size with an adjustment of the geometry. A shorter 10mm reach, a straightened steerer angle and extended (10mm) chain stays mean that the rider is naturally repositioned in the centre of the bike and can therefore be more precise and agile in their technique.



Undoubtedly, one of the points that has changed the most
is the way the suspension works.

Apart from the kinematics which have been revised
to provide more liveliness,
we’ve made a point of managing the stiffness of the rear triangle.

Through new double row Enduro Bearings eliminating any deformation,
bikes have the perfect deformation/rigidity
management to provide grip, comfort and performance.



In addition to all this in-depth work,
as on our META POWER TR and META TR models,
we now offer a "Flip Chip" on the shock extension
so that the geometry can be better adjusted to the rider's style!
This system also means that the height of the bottom bracket
can be changed as well as the steerer and saddle angles, within seconds.

Depending on what you want,
you have the choice between a lively bike
that’s perfect for big pedalling trips,
or a more progressive version which is ideal
for days in the bike park or on more difficult trails.




Finally, we have worked on a detail that makes the difference;
the finished look.

It has been the subject of meticulous work
to reduce the welds as much as possible
without affecting the solidity of the frame.

The cable routing is neat for easier maintenance,
the cables being easily accessible in the down tube,
while grommets are placed at the ends to give
perfect support and prevent penetration of water and mud.

Installing a bottle cage has also been made easy.




As an EMTB and ‘Gravity’ brand,
we know that it is essential to collaborate
with recognised component specialists.
Equipping the META POWER SX with the SHIMANO EP8 engine
was therefore an obvious choice.

- It has a high torque (85N.m) whilst power curves are optimised.
- The result is a softer bike with better grip control and more responsiveness to each pedal stroke.
- The 630Wh battery increases capacity tenfold, perfect for long days.
- A new engine mount combined with a new-gen engine guard improves the size profile and reduces the risk of impact with the ground.