New RMNS 2022 !

The RMNS range is a real priority of ours.
Whatever their size or ability, every child is sure to find the bike they want in this range!
Our frames are specifically designed by our engineers to adapt with small body shapes and all the components are selected for perfect ergonomics.
Our aim is to make the first riding experience just perfect for the little ones.

For the 2022 range, the RMNS has undergone some major changes both in terms of look and components.
Like the entire ‘grown-ups' range, the work we’ve done on the RMNS revolves around some key points
- more reliability, design and performance for kids and a global push upmarket.


For sure, these bikes should allow for real mountain biking,
so that the child can experience
their first riding feelings in complete safety.
This is why our kids models come with knobbly tyres
and disc brakes, because it’s good for them to get
the right sensations from the beginning.

The gain in comfort, grip and safety is undeniable.
At the same time, it might prevent some scratches
on the elbows and knees...



We've worked on the little details that make a difference.
The entire RMNS range is now equipped with all new extruded tubes
instead of the classic round tubes, for a completely revised look.
The rigid forks have also had a facelift,
going from steel to formed aluminium.

Beyond a more refined aesthetic there is also a significant loss in weight.
Along the same lines of improving looks and reliability,
we have chosen to equip our RMNS with semi-integrated headsets.


RMNS 12'' & 14''

A notable difference in the look and shapes on the RMNS 12 and 14 balance bikes
is the addition of a new footrest that is intended to give grip to kid's shoes.
It also helps protect the edges of the frame.
Our goal here is to give kids more confidence on their first laps behind the handlebars of a bike,
and also to reduce wear and tear over time as much as possible.

We like to think that our bikes will be useful for a little brother or sister
and that they'll resell well on the second-hand market even after several years of use.
Finally, the other major development concerns the arrival of a plastic plate on the top tube.
It means the kids can stick their favourite number on it using the sheet of stickers supplied with the bike. Like a real racer!

RMNS 16''

The RMNS 16 models have had the top tube lowered to make it easier to step over and provide more freedom of movement in general.
As specialists in the gravity field we know the importance of good components that are reliable and suitable for young riders,
so the cranks are shortened and the grips have a 19mm diameter for better handling of the bars.

RMNS 20'' & 24''


The RMNS 20 and 24 are also fitted with
flexible plastic chain stay guards to improve the finish and reduce noise.
It’s lighter and more streamlined than on previous models.
Beyond the ergonomics, these new arrivals are synonymous
with a better thought-out geometry and more aesthetic bikes.

Finally, we sought to improve the comfort and weight of the RMNS 20
and 24 by switching from wheels with 36 spokes to 28 in 2022.



With the smallest of people in mind, we decided to equip our
RMNS 20 and 24 with cockpits that are the right width
and height for their size.
High-end 31.8mm diameter handlebars and stems
are making their debut.

It is also an aesthetic choice which improves
the strength of the handlebars.
The diameter of the grips has also been reduced.
Small details require the utmost attention.