« Our Tour de France » by COMMENCAL & SHIMANO with Kilian BRON

Right now our roadie friends are in the middle of the Tour de France.
Legendary climbs, historic villages, magnificent landscapes!
The whole world is watching them.

Right here we're offering our Tour de France, in our own way, with Kilian Bron as the lone breakaway...

🇫🇷Vive la France 🇫🇷

"The video barely lasts more than 3 minutes but it incorporates most regions of France! For the record, some shots took whole days of work for less than a second of visibility in the video... I like to remember each shot and all the stories behind it. A thirty day trip with a variety of incredible landscapes and experiences that will not be forgotten... We were amazed! Even on reflection, it's still difficult to imagine how France is full of these extraordinary places. We left to bring back beautiful images but above all we have unforgettable experiences and moments in life.

Behind each image, an anecdote! Let’s take the Plateau de Bure Observatory as an example, where we met the people in charge of the installation who were as curious as us! An interesting discussion followed on our respective projects, it was great! Like all the other people we met on the trip.

Thirty memorable but also trying days, it wasn't always easy but working with a close-knit team made the difference. Everything has been working really well since our first joint trip to the Aeolian Islands. You have to know how to deal with everyone, it's like a recipe after all! Each person brought a little extra depending where we were and what was happening and each had their respective role during the filming sequences. Real teamwork!

A typical day started with a bit of driving to get to the chosen spot. In the afternoon I would go scouting while running or riding, before shooting our images in the evening in bright light or early the next morning. It was a sustained pace but above all rewarding, at all levels! I remember some things that were more stressful than others, in particular this steep ridge around Chamonix for example. Some were easier, like finishing off the day by pedalling in front of the Château de Chambord for example. The collection of action images in combination with the slower shots brings an artistic dimension to the project, whilst keeping the impact."

- Kilian Bron




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