RED LINES - Kilian Bron

Elevation: 1099m
Distance: 23km
Number of batteries required or recommended mode: 1 battery in TRAIL. To take advantage of the red lands, favor the alternation of ECO mode until the end of the valley with TRAIL mode to reach the pass.
Possibility to recharge: No
Difficulty level: black
Bike Carrying: 5% of the ride
Telephone networks: No network on the upper part after switching to the other side of the pass.
Duration: 3h
Possibility to sleep somewhere: Campsite Selva de Oza. Otherwise, for the more adventurous, a huge rock is placed in the middle of the mountain pastures before the last climb to reach the pass. There is a small cave inside which has been protected by piles of stones. It can serve as a camp for one night if you have a good sleeping bag ;)
Best season to go there: summer + early fall

"This spot differs from others because of its variety and this feeling of freedom in
a remote region of the Spanish Pyrenees, very close to the French border. An incredible loop starting from the valley floor which is just as impressive. Before starting this tour, you should check out this place on a summer evening with friends, followed by settling into camp for the night."

"To be done in a clockwise direction, the warm-up is a short road then a track that’s constant and pleasant to ride. It takes you gently up to an alpine plateau as if from a different era. Man's mark is non-existent, even looking further out over the whole mountain range. It’s worth highlighting this aspect which is rather rare today in Europe. Apart from cows and packs of vultures on the lookout for animal corpses, the valley is just an expanse of sparkling green grass, cut in two by a red riverbed already distinguished. An interesting contrast which says a lot about the rest of the climb.

A similarly amazing continuation in search of a single track trail that regularly splits and crosses in several places. In fact, these are paths made by local wildlife, but we let ourselves be guided by our imagination, as long as we’re gaining height. The meadow gives way to reveal the accumulation of Pyrenean summits as far as the eye can see."

"On nearby peaks there was an air of the Dolomites as we progressed through beautiful meadows. Further on, the first boulders started to impose like zigzags, and we finally saw the MISSION of the day. To ride this red earth col; from a distance we were already drawing the multiple freeride line possibilities on offer!

An area divided into the first part at the col, a warm-up after catching your breath back at the top of the last climb. In fact, it took no less than an hour and a half to reach this precise point, whilst managing the battery level and trying to clear everything on the bike. Let's say a good technical background allows you to complete 90% of the climb on the bike. Without any hike-a-bike, the rest was managed using WALK mode, much appreciated on some notable sections."

"The peaks are often my favourite playgrounds, but this one is special. More than just a feeling of accomplishment, contemplating the unobstructed 360° view, I also have a keen eye for finding the perfect lines. Particularly, the ones that allow me to start from the highest point, following ridgelines and the natural flow of the land. For the record, I returned to this place four times last Autumn. On each one of my visits, I discovered new challenges, and like usual, 24 hours of the day were not enough.

The best top-to-bottom downhill option is the one chosen for this topo. The one that extends along the axis of the first col. But I strongly advise you to take a good stop at the red sectors. Both those at the top of the col as mentioned before, and also those below with a slight detour to your right behind another small col."

"Impossible to go in the wrong direction, the two sectors are obvious to find.

The remaining descent is long and technical. Real mountain biking, alternating between fast and smooth, and the most twisty and rough types of trails."

- Kilian