After years in Denver, DJ Brandt chose to settle in Cedar, southern Utah. A new daily routine riding mega spots with friends and having the funnest times on a bike. Sounds good to us!

"I’m really excited to put out this video because I feel like it is so different from anything I’ve put out in the past. We tried to capture a bit more of the lifestyle and things outside of riding that make living in southern Utah so enjoyable. For the builds and riding I also tried to push a different direction, create some super unique features that highlight style and fun more than anything else. Filming in Utah in the spring is so difficult due to spring winds and random storms but luckily I had a great team of filmers who stuck it out and really brought this project to life. Much love to everyone involved and I hope y'all enjoy the video!”

- DJ Brandt

Rider: DJ Brandt
Directed by: Tory Powers
Film: Tory Powers, Jared Hardy, Jasper Wesselman
Edit: Tory Powers
Music: Allah-Las - Catamaran, Cold Hard Steel & Sand - Braxton Keith, Fire Whale - Breathe Smoke
Photos: Jared Hardy