Elevation: 830m
Distance: 20km
Number of batteries required or recommended mode: 1 battery in TRAIL.
Possible to recharge: No
Difficulty level: Red
Bike Carrying: 5% of output.
Telephone networks: YES except at the canyon
Duration: 3h
Possibility to sleep somewhere: wilderness camping only
Best season to go there: Sunny spring to admire the waterfalls and the canyon as the snow melts.

"It’s difficult to reduce the famous Sierre de Guara into a single trip. On the other hand, I’m sure this will save a lot of hassle if you limit your experience here to this particular trail. In my opinion this is the most complete, on all levels, without getting you into endless trouble. Like with every project, the locations multiplied in the weeks and months before filming. Starting the year before, in the dead of winter, it was also a way for me to keep driving forward when the snow and the cold at home were stopping me getting the bike out. You might as well be useful during this time and that is often the usual pattern the winter takes for me. Keeping in mind my objectives for the season which are all geared towards making content in remarkable places.

I got it into my head to shoot an episode exclusively in Sierra de Guara. One place mainly known for canyoning and rock climbing. But you know that can also be combined with mountain biking, in reference to our previous vertigo induced trips. Nevertheless, I had not sufficiently considered the technical nature of the terrain enough. Before confirming the interesting areas, I had gone around in circles for many days, exploring every corner of the park."

"This loop is a combination of varied landscapes and riding. Gradually, it takes you right to the heart of the area, quickly leaving 4x4 tracks for smaller rockier single track. These trails continue along protruding ridges, which do not leave much room for error. You’re not dicing with death on these trails, but a fall would hurt. It is rough and tricky terrain which requires particular attention and commitment to ride with flow.

The key sector is at the bottom of the valley, crossing the gulley here and there. You head along the cliff at first before sliding directly down into the wall. Shaped by erosion, you follow the ledge. More an exposed balcony trail let’s say, where mistakes are no longer allowed... But the track at this precise location is not technical. It was actually a really good mental exercise that allowed me to dissociate from my fear of heights by focusing on the line, without thinking about the cliff."

"Once that is done, I hope you’ll be rewarded with the run to the valley floor. It’s like a circus of bright white and yellow colours, with a waterfall on several levels in the background. Depending on the season, this description varies. The summer is much drier than the rest of the year and there is a chance that the waterfall will be just a very light stream of water at times...

I advise that you enjoy a little break in this area. To go back up the opposite side, you start with about twenty minutes of pushing, punctuated by pedalling sections. It’s not the most interesting in terms of riding (except the other way around), but the views are crazy."

"So, make the most of it before the next track. It’s the one that takes you towards a well-preserved abandoned village. Be curious as you weave your way to the right and left, then continue to the next viewpoint. This one dominates over the valley and you can enjoy looking back at your entire loop. It's a nice reward before tackling the last long descent. A typical regional single track, mixing tight hairpins and endless scree."

"The end of the route is approaching but more surprises are added to an already complete tour. Slipping into the dry riverbed, or not, also depending on the season… The last challenges may turn out to be more, or less difficult. Rest assured, you won't lose your bike in the water, carried away by the current!

Open your eyes and look up! 😉 Say no more, the idea of ​​these few words is mainly to motivate you to explore the area. If I detail the whole route precisely, there’s little point anymore!"

- Kilian Bron