Big Bike is one of the leading French MTB magazines and they recently tested the SUPREME DH 29 TEAM.

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SUPREME DH 29 TEAM: A real machine to keep your times down

Big Bike is one of the leading French MTB magazines and they recently tested the SUPREME DH 29 TEAM, a model used by the COMMENCAL VALLNORD DH Team for racing World Cups.
It gets rave reviews! Here are some examples of what they wrote;

"The build feels good and also allows this bike to be very well placed in terms of price."

"At high speed, the bike goes into a corner super easily and allows you to take the maximum angle into it with incredible ease. It really feels glued to the ground, the wheels bite into the ground and offer the most secure support. Impressive efficiency."

"It feels like being on rails behind the handlebars as it’s so undeterred, whatever the terrain."

"The COMMENCAL keeps its speed very easily on the steep, even in rough terrain and doesn't loose speed on impacts.”

"The stability and super comfort of the COMMENCAL make it an easy bike to handle."

The magazine concluded, very complimentary;

"The SUPREME DH 29 TEAM is a very convincing bike. The emphasis is on performance above all and it is a success, because it's super efficient! It is a comfortable, stable bike, ultra efficient under braking and high speeds, especially in large turns where it allows insane angles (and speed). A real machine to lower lap times, all at a price that remains reasonable for this level of performance."

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