Seize the Opportunity

Each year we have a large amount of used models available to purchase.
Whether they've been bikes loaned to the press, our riders, bike patrols or simply ex-demo/show models, our mechanics completely dismantle, service and re-build them to a level as near-new as possible.

By the time they appear online, our used bikes are in perfect condition, perhaps with the exception of a few scratches here and there.
And as with purchases of brand new models they benefit from our manufacturer's warranty too!

Throughout the year, the stock is topped up every week online, so we can offer the maximum choices across the range.
Some models we put up are unique, perhaps a one-off frame from an exhibition, an A La Carte build or an old test bike with all new components

Finally, the history of each bike is provided via its own accompanying fact sheet.
You'll be provided with information such as the number of times it’s been ridden (if applicable), its aesthetic state and/or the parts that differ from the original assembly.
Everything is laid out on the table so you can start your new lives together safe in the knowledge that there are no hidden secrets 😉




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