TEN YEARS AFTER - Pierre-Edouard FERRY 10th Anniversary

The year 2023 marks a decade of Pierre-Edouard FERRY's presence alongside COMMENCAL.

From the Dirt Jump trails of the Monts du Lyonnais to the slopes and canyon gaps of Virgin Utah and the Red Bull Rampage, PEF revisits his classics to celebrate 10 years of trips, videos and shootings with COMMENCAL. ABSOLUT, CLASH, FRS and SUPREME DH, he uses all the tools at his disposal in this video where the beauty shots keep flowing.

Ambassador of Freeride in its noblest definition, PEF is fully recharged and ready to go for another 10 years!


Directed by: PEF & Leon Perrin
Camera Operator: Leon Perrin
Cable Cam Operators: Pierre Dupont & Leon Perrin
Edit: Leon Perrin
Music: DOPE LEMON - Stonecutters (Angus Stone)
Sound Edit: Leo Lunel
Colors: Alex Naureils
Infographist: Seb Caldas
Titles Animation: Roxanne Loewert