THIS IS US - EXPANSION - Hugo Frixtalon, Amaury Pierron, Myriam Nicole & Co.

Here we are a few months after the release of This Is Us. A COMMENCAL Original Documentary with a difference, it focuses on the development of our SUPREME DH V5 and all the trials and tribulations of the 2021 DH season. Today, as we publish this new edit, the SUPREME DH V5 has already won several rounds of the World Cup series and is leading the Elite Men’s and Elite Women’s overall classifications.

Here’s a look back at this first half of the 2022 season.

Film & Edit: Gaetan Clar
Music & Sound Edit: Lomepal - Tee / Macrobank
Photos: Keno Derleyn / Ross Bell / Jey Crunch / Nico Brizin