Sam’s Bikes is a YouTube channel dedicated to ebikes!

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The MAXMAX POWER Built in 27 Minutes

Sam’s Bikes is a YouTube channel dedicated to ebikes!
A few weeks ago, Sam Wordley who runs the channel, published a video featuring his choice of the best hard tail ebikes for 2020.
And our MAXMAX POWER was part of it!

To give it a proper test, Sam wanted to ride it like it should be ridden.
The YouTuber is currently in the middle of the test (you can follow the progress on Instagram) and will likely post the full test video in the coming week.
But first he’s published an unboxing and build video.

And he seems to be delighted with the package on arrival, “Many people wonder if this type of bike is easy to build. Suffice to say that I am not a great mechanic, so if I can do it, you guys can too! So, don’t be scared of buying a bike in a box"

After a few minutes, he adds, "As you can see, there is nothing complicated. In reality, a good part of the bike is already built when the box is opened."

Eventually, he spent only 27 minutes assembling his MAXMAX POWER! 
"Look at this beast! I can’t wait to try it. It only took me 27 minutes to set up and I'm really not the best mechanic!” 

“COMMENCAL has done such a good job with this bike. The MAXMAX POWER is a beautiful looking bike. The Shimano E7000 engine, 418 Wh battery, 150mm of travel and 27.5 x 2.8 tyres front and back. If you’re looking for a commuter that can do a little downhill on the way to work, a little bit of street riding after work and just have a bit of fun. I’m super excited by this one!” 

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