2021 META AM 29 to take the win!

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The META AM 29 Wins Design & Innovation Award

The “Design & Innovation Award” ceremony took place like last year in the Dolomites, San Vigilio, Italy.
Organised by Enduro Mountainbike Magazine and with a large jury of 30 people, this award celebrates the best cycling and mountain biking products of the year. After the META POWER 29 2020 won the prize in the e-bike category last year, it's now the turn of our 2021 META AM 29 to take the win!

This jury of 30 professionals was made up of journalists, engineers and testers, all experts in their respective fields. After several weeks of testing around Europe with much analysis and debate, they have chosen to award our META AM 29!

"The Design & Innovation Award is the only award that tests products in the real world, assessing them in their entirety and reaching well-considered verdicts. Our independent award team spent two weeks analysing and testing each entry for you, putting every product through its paces before making a final judgement."

The META AM 29 2021 stood out from many other candidates.
“The Design & Innovation Award (DI.A) is more than a decoration. It’s the only award with real product tests, in-depth reviews and critically founded verdicts. Once again, the award team analysed the most relevant products of the next season."

Here are the comments about META AM 29 2021:

"The COMMENCAL 2021 META AM unifies its suspension and design concept to create an uncompromisingly fast bike for the most demanding downhill and enduro tracks in the world. The mountain bike shines with its plush suspension and inexhaustible reserves in rough terrain. With a very slack head angle, a steep seat tube angle and particularly short chainstays, COMMENCAL are pushing the limits of modern frame geometry to achieve the perfect balance of stability and agility at high speeds. The spec is chosen with the use case of race-destined bikes completely in mind. Nonetheless, COMMENCAL offer their customers the choice to put together an individual bike in their comprehensive online configurator. Whatever the build, the COMMENCAL 2021 META AM scores with its excellent value for money."




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