META POWER 29 has won the eBike category prize!

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The META POWER 29 wins the Design & Innovation Award!

For 2020, the « Design & Innovation Award » ceremony took place in the Dolomites, in San Vigilio (Italy).

Enduro Mountainbike Magazine organizes this ceremony through a wide judging panel of 30 people.
It rewards the best cycling related products of the year, and the META POWER 29 has won the eBike category prize!

The panel was made of 30 professionals, among which were testers, journalists or engineers who are all experts in their field of competence.
After several weeks of testing, analysis and debate, they have decided to reward the META POWER 29!

"The Design & Innovation Award is the only award that tests products in the real world, assessing them in their entirety and reaching well-considered verdicts. Our independent award team spent two weeks analysing and testing each entry for you, putting every product through its paces before making a final judgement."

The META POWER 29 was chosen among many candidates.
Some are showing a revolutionary aspect while others are innovating or ultramodern.
Thus, the “Design & Innovation Award” not only rewards the most outstanding product, but also the product that gives hints of what the future should look like.

Here are some examples of what they wrote : 

"The COMMENCAL META POWER 29 TEAM is a powerful eMTB for riders who love to push their limits while finding the gnarliest way down the hill. With the new version of their downhill-oriented eMTB, COMMENCAL make no compromises: the newly- developed frame platform combines a charming look, integrated battery and balanced weight distribution while the spec is just as consistent."

"RockShox Ultimate suspension with 170 mm travel front and 160 mm rear, powerful SRAM CODE RSC brakes and Schwalbe tires with Super Gravity carcass, which are perfect for rough and demanding terrain."

"The composed and direct handling harmonises with the balanced weight distribution and provides a very stable and controlled handling. The COMMENCAL META POWER 29 TEAM gives you a chance to redefine your idea of ‘rideable terrain’ and truly shines on steep, demanding trails, both up- and downhill. To top it all off, the price is very reasonable too."

That is another remarkable reward for this bike!




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