The Story of Brett Rheeder's 2022 Red Bull Rampage

Utah’s ridgelines are most beautiful yet most terrifying. Brett already knows that! Whether digging or riding, the level of commitment, effort, and creativity required to achieve such a feat is unmatched. There can only be one outcome - to win!

From a wildcard to victory, immerse yourself in this second film that shows the real heart of Red Bull Rampage 2022 with Brett and his team of diggers.

The Volume series helped me transform into a better person. At first I didn’t fully understand the importance of telling my story of returning to competition after 2.5 years off, but now it is clear that it was to be able to put a positive message into the world. I don’t want athletes and people who put pressure on themselves to suffer. So hopefully watching both videos in the series can help inspire people to be true to themselves, and get rid of negative human character traits that subconsciously stick with us.” – Brett Rheeder

Brett Rheeder
Directed by:
Cole Nelson, Brett Rheeder
Cole Neslon, Nicolas Brizin
Cole Nelson, Jared Hardy, Elinor Brown
Cole Nelson
Sound Design: Keith White Audio