Thibaut Daprela - Hopes to be Back for Fort William

A few days ago, Thibaut Daprela told us that he had injured his right knee during the DH Cup in Brioude, France.
The consequences are that the COMMENCAL Muc-Off Team rider could miss the first four rounds of the World Cup series.
He gives us some more details about the situation.

COMMENCAL: How are you?

Thibaut Daprela:
I'm doing great. My knee is already working very well and my condition is improving day by day.
I'm really satisfied. I can walk normally with a brace, to avoid large movements that would affect my recovery.

C: What happened?

: It was during the DH Cup in Brioude earlier this month.
It’s a race we participate in with the team before we start the season.
The accident was a bit stupid. It happened during training on Saturday afternoon.
I wasn’t going particularly fast and in a turn, without falling, my knee hit an embankment on the side of the track.
It stopped me dead, I couldn't take my start on Sunday.

C: What was the diagnosis?

TD: I ruptured the cruciate posterior ligament in the right knee.
Luckily, it hasn't gone completely and the meniscus was not affected, so my knee could move a little.
It remains stable and is healing well, this is the most important at the moment.

C: How is your recovery going?

TD: I very quickly started physiotherapy sessions so that my recovery to save as much time as possible.
I can still physically work my upper body to stay strong and be ready in that respect when I return.
The surgeon has signed me off for four months...
Today I am in good shape and the doctor has told me that if all goes well I'll be able to get started properly in two and a half months.
Whatever happens, even if the situation is positive at the moment, I prefer to be careful and take time to recover well.
I won't return too early as it’s important to give the body the time to have the strength to deal with any situation.

C: The World Cup starts next week (at time of interview), isn't it too hard?

TD: Frankly, no. I have no problem with that.
I tell myself that these things happen, it’s just bad luck!
It's not like I made a big error.
In this case, I’d like a little more. I have experienced much more impressive falls without a problem.
Don't be negative, it’s bad for recovery.

C: With this injury, are your goals this season different?

TD: No, not at all. I'm going to miss World Cup heats but when I come back it won't change anything.
Getting ready for Maribor (May 2-3) or Lošinj (May 9-10) is not impossible, but nothing is certain yet.
I realistically hope to be back for Fort William (June 6-7).
As for goals, this will be my first Elite season so I'll try to gain as much experience and be as consistent as possible.
Imagining top 10 or podiums is a bit stupid, but i do hope to reach the top 20 in every race.
I'm still training, I'll be physically ready when i return.

C: With the coronavirus, the first round of the World Cup is cancelled and it's not impossible that others will be too, how do you see that?

No one has any information on this yet ...
With all the people of all nationalities that a World Cup brings together, maybe one or two other rounds will be cancelled.
It’s not great for anyone for sure, but at my end, it would mean i miss fewer races (laughs)!




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