Third Consecutive French Enduro Championship Title for Alex Rudeau

The French Enduro Championships in Levens (Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur) took place on the weekend of 22/23 April. The entire COMMENCAL Enduro Project were competing and once again, it was worth it. Alex Rudeau, reigning champion, offered us a recital and secured his third title! In the e-bike category, Mathieu Ruffray was crowned Vice French Champion.

Behind the bars of his META, Alex was able to take advantage of his technical skill and his ability to keep the flow on the rocky and uneven Levens terrain. Overall, he was clean and won 5 of the 7 stages to win.

"I'm very happy with the weekend, I had a good feeling. The timed sectors were very physical. It's nice to be in front, especially after the first couple of races in Tasmania where I was a little less physically into it. I also felt really confident on the bike, it was great.” - Alex Rudeau

For Louis Jeandel and Guillaume Labeyrou who are not used to riding this type of track, this was good training for the next EDR.

It was the first race of the year with the team and first podium for Mathieu Ruffray, a real milestone in his preparation for the 2023 E-EDR season. Super consistent, Mathieu achieved second place, 50 seconds off first, with a cumulative race time of more than 45 minutes.

It was a great weekend for me. I had come with the aim of gaining speed and confidence on the bike. I stayed focused on that goal and managed to be consistent. I didn’t have any crashes or mechanical failures. It paid off and allowed me clean runs to get into second position!” - Mathieu Ruffray

The next meeting for the team is in a little over a month in Pietra Ligure to start the second segment in the season. This will also be the opportunity for Mathieu to compete in the first round of the e-Enduro World Cup (E-EDR).

Photos : @studiocoton / @pangovisua