The COMMENCAL Snow family is growing with the arrival of Tim Alongi!

Tim is a pro freestyle paragliding athlete. Some might not see the connection between a freestyle paraglider and COMMENCAL Snow. But Tim is a jack of all trades. A skier from an early age, he has managed to combine his two passions in one, and in winter that involves spending half his time in the air and half on the snow in the form of speed ​​riding.

After a great career in freestyle competition (in 2016 he was Vice World Champion), he's now preparing for flying events. 
Tim is a bit like what Kilian Bron is to MTB, to the world of paragliding. He also uses imagery to express the art of his discipline. Always in search of beautiful light, trying new things and challenging himself, he shoots and edits all his own videos.

So when his path crossed with COMMENCAL Snow, there was no doubt we were on the same page. For the short time he spends on land, speed ​​riding or ski touring, he can be confident with the COMMENCAL CLASH and TEMPO skis.

Photos : Germain FAVRE-FELIX / @germ_photography