Welcome Timmy Eaton !

"I’ve been racing for as long as I can remember, can’t think of doing anything else when Summer comes around, its all I want to do…

I guess it all started in high school when my parents wouldn’t let me get a motorbike. I got a crappy bike and rode it everywhere, for fun in the first place then got attracted by racing very quickly.

The racing scene in Australia is pretty big, we’ve got a lot of top guys and some are my best mates that I met through racing who are killing it overseas. It’s so good to see and I have a blast rubbing shoulders and try to beat them and local races. I’ve had my best results in the last few years and the most memorable are KING OF CANNONBALL, two EWS TOP 10 stage finishes and a 26th overall in Derby. I’m definitely keen to get overseas and see if I can keep up with the top dogs.

I had some big plans for 2020 to race EWS all over the world, but unfortunately it all fell apart when COVID lock down happened, no races went forward but still went to work and did the day to day thing, no racing anymore but I have to say that It was good finding the love for the local trails again and getting on the new bike and enjoying every moment of it.

I’ve always wanted to ride a COMMENCAL bike, their vibes and passion for DH really caught my eyes and I felt like we had a pretty similar way to look at things, racing especially. It’s one of the most race proven bike on the circuit. Just look at the DH World Cup where all the privateers are on them, even the top end of the podium, they’re always up there. The enduro bike is in the same spirit too, it’s not the bike that will slow you down( ha, ha ..).

It was awesome coming up to the Sydney showroom, pick up my new bike and go for a ride with the team. It’s a pretty awesome set up here and definitely a cool showroom. The trails are awesome and just around the corner. There’s a strong group of riders who are all out building and pulling their weight which is pretty awesome to see. You can just tell by all the work the trails are getting. It’s a great spot to test the bikes as there’s a lots of gnarly terrain, endless rock gardens and drops. Definitely made the bike go through its paces and I loved every minutes of it.

During COVID the social vibe and pedalling around with mates all day was awesome, but Im definitely not done with racing. I can’t wait to have things back to normal again, start travelling and get back into enduro and even more DH racing."

-Timmy Eaton

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