What’s Happened to Myriam Nicole?

Unfortunately, it’s bad news for Myriam Nicole and the COMMENCAL VALLNORD DH Team. In preparation for the 2019 DH season, Myriam saw her hopes of a full season go up in smoke. Behind the bars of her SUPREME DH, a heavy fall caused by a gust of wind mid-jump resulted in the dislocation and triple fracture of her foot.

As she explains, the accident was inevitable, "I don't really understand what happened. I was going fast over a jump but it was so small that there was minimal risk or reason to fall. We were doing our last run of the day. The wind was blowing a bit but nothing extraordinary until it changed dramatically in a few seconds, becoming stormy out of nowhere. On the jump, the rider in front of me was also blown by the gust and shouted to warn me but unfortunately I didn't have time to react, it was already too late. In a fraction of a second, the wind swept me horizontally and my foot hit the ground sideways."

Unfortunately for her, the damage of this fall is greater than she first imagined, "At first, I thought it was a big sprain but when I saw the state of my foot plus when I was told that surgery was necessary, I realised it was serious."

This is difficult to accept for Myriam who had prepared so well all winter and had great ambitions for this season. She says, "I will meet the surgeon soon. It's complicated, I'm going to miss the start of the season for sure, but I hope to get back into shape in a few months. This is not the end of the world, there are always people more worse off. From now on until i’m recovered, i’ll just have to follow the day to day steps in order to get back into shape as soon as possible. I want to be 100% ready for my return and not make the same mistake as last year when I raced whilst still slightly injured. I will do things properly. The most important thing will be to find my physical and mental shape and to find my mojo on the bike again before returning to competition.” 

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I was ready to smash it. I was ready to rock it. I was ready to give my best racing with the guuurls! After 6 months training like hell thanks to @nicstraining & @bparietti doing an awesome job with the @commencal_vallnord team my hopes for the full race season are over for now… 🌬I was blown off by the wind mid air whilst training. I landed badly on my foot and it broke and dislocated. 😭After lots of tears, frustration, the team at @cliniquestjean.capsante took care of me and even made me smile before going for surgery. Couldn’t thank my lovely friends who were there to help enough @loicbruni29 @paulhette @peferry @ledieuvincent @malene_degn @victor_koretzky @purple_koz and everyone else that sent messages or came to see me at the clinic. ——————-——————————————————————-J’étais prête, encore plus que jamais pour cette nouvelle saison, et voulais tout donner.... Après 6 mois d’entraînement intensif soigneusement suivi par mes entraîneurs Nics & Bruno, je ressentais les bienfaits de ce travail abouti. Hélas, mes espoirs s’envolent sur un coup de vent... Une rafale violente me fait perdre l’équilibre, je chute lourdement sur le pied, le bilan fait mal : luxation + fracture du pied. Après beaucoup de pleurs et de frustration, les sourires et le professionnalisme du personnel soignant de la clinique Saint Jean à Montpellier m’ont apporté réconfort et énergie. L’opération s’est très bien passée. Je souhaite remercier tout particulièrement ma famille mes amis @gaetruff pour leurs petits soins, leurs messages et leurs visites si importantes & motivantes pour la suite. 💞 @antonioobregonm

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Obviously we support her 100% and wish her the speediest recovery! 




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